Black Friday

January 6th, 2007

Not so good a day. As recent reports have indicated, about 200 people are "no longer with the Hertz Corporation." Luckily for me at least, the sword of Damocles missed my neck. It didn't miss those of my friends, though. In all, about 100 of the 200 layoffs happened in the IT department. Hopefully that's the end of it, at least until the outsourcing happens...

Otherwise, I'm in Dallas for the UTD debate tournament, but only as a judge. Judge and "hospitality verification specialist." Just don't put me in any early-morning rounds, though that's generally a bad idea anyway.

Oh, and my credit is terrible. More on that later.

Just tryin' to keep my customer satisfied

I am baby 2007

January 2nd, 2007

Some New Year's resolutions:

  1. Post smaller, more frequent bloggy updates.
  2. Get back on a budget/diet/exercise regimen.
  3. Habitually build something new: Doug's corner, websites, MCATs, something.

All three bowls that filled my New Year's Day with shouting and boozing ended badly. Gadget plays? Statue of Liberty? I'd be madder if OU hadn't used them before, and about as effectively. Next season, by golly...

Here it goes, here it goes, here it goes again.

William's First Epistle to the Parisians

November 30th, 2006

Dear Paris,

Stairs suck. Quit having so many. Also, deal with puddles. There are too many when it rains.

Otherwise, thank you for what was quite possibly the best trip I've ever had.


I am an oiler. I clue well.

November 10th, 2006

Mine detractors may have time on their hands, and cats that do not look wistfully lonely as they wander in after midnight every night, but I, as it turns out, do not. I'm getting really tired of being so busy. Hence, next semester, I am only taking 6 hours, and only then in the mornings. That should make me feel at least as though I have some spare time in the evenings.

The only exception was 3 weekends ago when I decided that I hadn't done enough reading lately to keep up with my own pretentious requirements for myself. I finally found the time to hop through Cannery Row, and the Harry Potter series. I now am counted amongst the ranks of those who know the painful truth: Dumbledore is actually dead. Sorry Kara.

Upcoming: Doug's corner is right around the other corner. You'll be able to look for his comments directly to find his take on life, and commentary on the upcoming Congregationals. There are precious few Holy Saturdays left in this liturgical season, so I hope to see all of you show up for a prayer or two.

Two weeks left until Paris! I'm pretty excited. Hopefull it will keep me younger than my recent half-birthday reminded me I am.

Speak of holidays/holy-days, November 6th-7th marked the 89th anniversary of the storming of the Winter Palace. Bishop's Landing did resonate with round after round of "L'Internationale", and vodka was sipped in memory of the movement too hopeful to be allowed.

Finally, November is upon us, and things, per usual, are starting to fall apart. Good luck keeping up. We're 1/3 the way through. Lots of travelling provides ample opportunity to make poor decisions, and I'm pretty sure we won't get through without crisis. Who knows, it may have already happened.

Walking and talking backwards.

Mister Rogers is close to God, and if Mister Rogers likes him, that must mean God likes him, too.

October 19th, 2006

So October has turned out to be far more involved than any month (barring the obvious) has any right to be. I'm seriously scared for post-Halloween.

Happily, though, October hasn't been without its share of positive moments. I've been consistent in my attendance of Holy Saturday Services, as Doug has been kind enough to note in his comments, during each footballing game of the University of Oklahoma's "Sooners." The Texas game was sore disappointing, as we are generally a better second half team than that. Iowa State would have been a glorious victory, were it not made bittersweet by the frailty of mere bone.

"Good Morning" whiskey was shot in honor of Pvt. Matt Steenson, who has gone to the hot hot desert to die. We miss him even now, and rightly anticipate his ghost to come back and sip and cheer as soon as it can.

Patrick and I took some time to reaffirm our various masculinities, as we celebrated the holiday of Hoist by lifting all of his worldly possessions and shlepping them across town. Then was a trip to that cathedral of testosterone, the home improvement store. Not one, but two trips to different stores were necessary to find the proper number of little metallic boxen and sturdy screws (Aluminum is weak...literally) to replace the cracked plastic contraption that wished the ceiling fan in place. In the end, I'm pretty sure the new one isn't going anywhere until someone is ready.

Even, though, with all the grunting and yelling and drinking and scratching, I find myself amazed by the power of good, kind people. Mister Rogers is a personal favorite, and a recent Esquire article on him was met with more than a bit of choked response. I seriously had to quit reading a few times toward the end because I didn't want to start sniffling too loud at work. And to think, this is the man who, with sheer force of goodness, saved PBS. Makes me happy to be in the world.

I got a sentimental heart that beats
but I don't really mind...