March like November

April 4th, 2005
Results for districts are in and some sleeper picks have taken the title. PCO and Norman? How does that work? I don't know. I didn't vote for them, nor did I watch the final rounds. Good for them, though, as I know that those kids work hard enough to deserve it. Victors and spoils and such.

Speak of sleeper picks, I think that I'm actually going to make some kind of online-viewable NCAA Bracket next year. This year's only had 660 points, but I did predict Michigan State's exceptional fare.

After Districts, Mike and I hit up the annual Medieval fair. Surprisingly, many of the attendees were both attractive and female. What is this world coming to? It could be that the proportion is the same, but I noticed that there were significantly more people there than there has been in years past, on the order of tens of thousands. It kind of makes me long for the days of wandering about the duck pond with Eric Buschelman in a bathrobe and tights.

Shortly after the medieval entertainment, I hopped over to Sandra's new apartment for a potluck dinner. I really like the opportunity to cook for people, and my pesto went over quite well. Patrick made the exceptional spaghetti sauce that he does, and Madeline brought a flan better than any flan I had before (not too difficult for the obvious reason). I had to ship out on the festivites a bit early so I could go out with the debate coach types and party it up in celebration of districts being over. Sometime at Lumpys, a set of young womyn in scanty attire started passing out promotional material for Coors and free beer. Something about mixing that level of sexuality and capitalism makes me skittish, so for probably the same reason that I don't go to strip clubs, I'm not going to be drinking Coors anytime soon. I'm sure that most (all) other beer companies use sexuality to sell their products, but none of the others have actually paraded such flagrant objectification in front of me as I am trying to line up my billiard shots. Pair that with the T-shirts from Al Eschbach's bar that say "Hired for Looks" and it was not a particularly good night for gender liberation.

Pope's dead. Mitch Hedberg's dead. Grandpa's dead. March is really mean.

In about the last 5 days, I've had 2 different people find me and email me, along with a serendipitous meeting with one of them at a local pizzeria. It's really exciting to start to catch up with people I miss, and I always feel bad about how slow I am to actually return the email. For those anxiously awaiting the Billy-chat, I promise it's on the way.

I've been listening to a good amount of Interpol in the last few days. I'll have to get the full albums from some(one|where) as they are very much the hipness.

CBrodt has come to the conclusion that the time change is actually caused by a scrapping-for-employment evil genie who just wants to make the world worse. This is not outside the realm of possibility as far as I'm concerned, as most of my evil genie run-ins have stolen real amounts of time from me.

I watched the pole dance of the stars.


April 1st, 2005
Districts is going on again, and Edmond North is already out. Such the alma mater.

Sometime late night over the weekend, will be down for about an hour while I redesign my home network. I love this nerd stuff. %)

Hey who's on trial?


March 30th, 2005
So I'm in the break room at work watching my soup go around the microwave when this guy comes in and starts rummaging through the fridge for his lunch. My mind starts to wander, and I start to think, "I really need a girl who would wake up with me and pack me a little sack lunch, so I can eat decently at work, and not have to do the soup thing every day." Then I look again and he pulls an a faux-Tupperware container of salad and an orange out of the fridge and I decide that the addition of a girl would really not make lunch that much better. All too much like "mom has a hangover" sack lunches in grade school. I'd get an apple, a baggie of dry cereal, a candy bar, and a napkin in a grocery sack. Horray for childhood memories.

The more I think about it, the more compelling microwaved soup is.

Risen from the dead and hungry for brains

March 28th, 2005
IMPORTANT DEBATE NEWS: Blake and Conor have broken at the N-D-MFing-T. This is about the best that a debate team can possibly do in college, and I am overwhelmingly proud of them.

I hope everyone had a happy Zombie Jesus Day. I hung out with Grandma and some of the rest of the family. Probably one of the most important things that will happen this year happened on the 28th of February, and its closeness in time has distorted how much it has affected me. My grandfather, William R. Dickinson, passed away at the age of 75. Suffice it to say that he was the person in my family that I most wanted to inherit genes from, and I haven't cried like I did before the funeral since Rosie. I love him a lot, and I really miss him. I, of course, was not married to him for not-quite 50 years, so I feel really bad for Grandma. I get the feeling that she's being strong because she doesn't really know how else to be, and I can't fathom what's going on in her head. Mom too, has been taking this pretty hard. March has not been a pleasant month.

I'm a big fan of cheese. I think that the most common craving I have is for the little cubes of Swiss they have on cheese platters.

Blog gap review

March 27th, 2005
After pondering long and hard as to whether to try to do a full remembrance of the previous year, a month-by-month recount of the high points, or just a quick summary followed by getting right back into the present, I have decided on the last. Trying to remember the entire year would be troublesome, as I would doubtless leave out huge swaths of stuff that are as life changing as any other...swath could be. So, the only thing I can really offer up are the 7 most important distinctions between now and then:

1. I am legally divorced. FD-2004-4356 is the number of my ticket to freedom.

2. I am back in school. Part time, but it's part time closer to my degree than I was.

3. I am employed by Hertz. This was the reason why the blog went away in the first place, as Hertz isn't willing to give me free webspace while I work for them.

4. I have made some number of new friends, while alienating pleasantly few. Suspiciously, many of the new friends are of the feminine persuasion, the generous majority of whom are cute (the remaining being just plain hot).

5. I look somewhat different. I have grown my hair out (cf. here). It's now past my shoulders. I'm not really sure when it's getting cut, but the voters have spoken to extend the deadline of early March indefinitely. A new deadline will be created shortly. I have also lost between 30 and 35 pounds, from exercise and the "don't eat so much" diet.

6. Nathan and Denise are now quite romantically involved. Why, do you ask, does the pairing of my the one-time object of what anger I have and the President of the Billy Lieurance Fan Club (also CEO of BillyLieuranceNet LLC.) meet with my approval? It's all wrapped up in that "wanting what makes others happy" thing I do. It was rather weird for a while, but has gotten significantly better.

7. I have decided that "Only in Dreams" is the best possible bar song. Luckily both Edna's and every HenHud I can find has the Blue Album on the jukebox.

Of course, since it's only been a year, there is much more that is the same than different.

1. I'm running around with much the same crowd, spending extremely (un)reasonable amounts of time at Denny's.

2. Special Kitty is still the adorable, borderline idiotic friend she always has been.

3. I'm still single.

4. I still believe that The West Wing is the best show on TV.

5. I'm still far too liberal for my own good.

There is but one more thing I kept telling myself needed to be in this little bit of nostalgia: Chris Brodt's New Year's Party was quite possibly the most fun and most intoxicating event I have ever attended. Many thanks to the boy for hosting, and for the random guys who drove me and 10 or so others to Norman Denny's while I was still drunk.

I look really good dressed in black.