Hit them biscuits with another touch of gravy

November 3rd, 2005

After some extensive consultations with Nick, regarding how we both really really need to do well in classes this week, we opted not to go to UCO or to Wake. The good news is that this frees up my vacation time for next year (not to mention my airfare budget). Do I sense a Vegas trip shortly after June-teenth?

If only Perl really were a diner, I'd have somewhere to eat and work simultaneously.

That, by the way, was the subjunctive. You should be very good friends with this mood.

Grumpy Bear made a return appearance this weekend, as Halloween for me has historically been a time of partying mixed with a shot of drama. The party moved about between CB's apartment, his neighbor's place, and some big house on Lindsey I only mostly remember. The house was a lot of fun, as I got to see Blake, which I don't get to do nearly enough, and get some Grumpy dancing going on, which I do a bit more regularly. That night also constituted the second time someone has ever smeared peanut butter on my face for the sheer fun of it. As Brodt pointed out, though, the night did not end well for everyone, and now I've got a weird, dose-of-reality kind of feeling about the whole thing.

Kate the Great's birthday party was a hoot and a half. After Avery and I lost at beer pong and rode around for a couple of hours with some girl named Jennifer, we hit up the ole' Fox and Hound for some drunken darts on cork with metal tips, something I had never done before. My incredible darts skills, honed by tossing plastic at plastic while trying to avoid the hyper-competitive kicking of the Presto, were ultimately of less help than I had hoped. Avery and I (with Kate's sister's assistance on stability) then moved the party to Denny's. I enjoyed chatting with Leila and Patrick in that sailor-speak I tend to pick up at such times, and trying to convince Lindsey to come cuddle with me. The end of the evening found me alone, but in the hottest bed ever. Work the next morning has never been more reluctant.

I may just give up on it all, and take what few unsullied men remain to the Argentinean pampas to help Oxford capture small carnivores. I had never before heard of a grison.

...and hunger not of the belly kind, that's banished with bacon and beans,
But the gnawing hunger of lonely men for a home and all that it means...

The ole' bait and switch

November 1st, 2005

What follows is some analysis of Scott McClellan's characterization of what constitutes experience and qualification to be a Justice of the United States. We begin back when Ms. Miers was the heir-riet apparent.

10/05/2005: ...one of the nation's top women lawyers. She has clerked for a federal judge back in -- this was back in 1970. I don't think there were very many women clerking for federal district judges at that point in time. She has been a trailblazer for women in the legal profession.

10/07/2005: She has been a pioneer and trailblazer for women in the legal profession. She was clerking for a federal district judge back in 1970, and I don't think there were many women clerking for federal judges back at that time.

10/12/2005: She is someone who has been a trailblazer for women in the legal profession. She has broken the glass ceiling when it comes to the legal profession in Texas, serving as the first woman president of the Dallas Bar Association and then the first woman president of the Texas Bar Association.

Awfully repetitive, but these are official talking points. Imagine my and the White House Press Corps's surprise when President Bush's spokesman starts rewriting history as soon as it becomes apparent that we're back to appointing a white man.

10/31/2005: (On the 'trailblazer' quotes above and Bush's desire to keep a womun on the Court): I don't know about that characterization. I do know that everything that the President said and that I said from this podium was focused on her qualifications and experience and her judicial philosophy, and that's why he selected her. Now, the President anytime he considers people for the bench, he looks at a diverse group of potential nominees. And that's what he's always done. He certainly, in the last few instances when there have been vacancies, has carefully considered women that might serve on those vacancies, too. But he appointed the person who he felt was the best person to fill this vacancy at this time.

So her sex and gender are relevant to her qualifications and experience for the first two weeks, but as soon as it's inconvenient to the new nominee, diversity is no longer part of being the 'best person' for the job? Please.

We are far too young and clever. Remember!

Coopers make barrels

October 27th, 2005

Bear cubs are no laughing matter. You would be wise this evening to check the various places in your home where bear cubs could be. If that includes your cabinetry, all the better for being thorough. Remember that it takes but one plaintive cry to bring the full force of 10,000 generations of motherly instinct bearing claws onto your fleshy bits.

Debate has been consuming all of my time over the last 3 weeks or so. I had some pretty good success: got to finals at Emporia, and 2nd speaker at KCKCC.

Emporia's debate tournament also taught me that polar bears are just as bad as regular blacks or grizzlies. So are were-wolves. If they ever mixed, their offspring, some unholy were-bear, would conqueror the world. We'd may as well just give up, and we might be doomed to exactly that. As it turns out, if you follow Google's directions to the hotel at Emporia, you end up on some deserted gravel north of town. Between Brodt shrieking like a little girl and Nick insisting we either go faster or stop off at one of the houses where they filmed Deliverance, I thought I kept pretty good control of the insane skidding we did when the polar bear charged the car. Luckily, the pincer move the bear attempted with its were-mate up the road was overcome by some agile maneuvering that only a heavily-laden American sedan can achieve. Our lives were saved, but only to spread the word that Doomsday is nigh.

Kansas City taught me that competitive shot-taking at night somehow makes me wake up earlier and more refreshed. Must have been the company.

Can anyone actually find Elroy Blunt?

Voting is so bizarre

October 10th, 2005

Had to add this after a conversation with Brodt. From an article on the Condorcet winner. That crazy Arrow and his theorem.

Consider, for example, the following vote count of preferences with three candidates {A,B,C}:

499: A,B,C
498: C,B,A
3: B,C,A

In this case, B is preferred to A by 501 votes to 499, and B is preferred to C by 502 to 498, hence B is preferred to both A and C. So according to the Condorcet criterion, B should win. By contrast, according to the rules of IRV, B is ranked first by the fewest voters and is eliminated, and C wins with the transferred votes from B; in plurality voting A wins with the most first choices.

Any of the candidates could be considered the "winner."

It's even more arous^H^H^H^H^Hexciting because of the correct use of the semicolon.

'Bizarre' contains both 'i' and 'e.' William Shakespeare was never knighted. Too bad.

Twist of lime, coke on the side

October 6th, 2005

After reading up a bit on the subject, I think I've figured out how it is that I'm going to get my weekly West Wing fix. I've attached an RSS scraper to my bittorrent client, and am auditioning various tracker sites to see who catches it first. The goal is that when some helpful soul uploads each week's episode, my computer will automatically find out and tag it for downloading, calming down my snake-riding jumpiness and getting around the pesky interference that my TV's rabbit ears pick up.

It's straight-up timeshifting.

I noticed as I tried to get Azureus working that the GNU implementation of java still isn't quite working properly. That's a shame since I like them so much better than Sun.

The weekend was pleasant. I got a couple of weeks of homework accomplished, did some amount of debate work, and played X-Men 2 with Doug. Nightcrawler is ridiculously powerful, though Colossus holds some kind of smash record.

My age is beginning to show itself. The Jaguars drafted a guy named Matt Jones this year. That means that someone who has my birthday is playing in the NFL. There but for the grace of God...

Leave me hypnotized, love.