On the causeway to neverwhere

December 19th, 2005

Finals are over! I just need grades to be posted, and my blood pressure and pulse rate can go back down to "dangerously high" from their current "absurdly high" level, and I can get the last of my paperwork in to be an official-like Sooner again.

As it turns out, our illustrious President is admitting that he is bypassing even the secret court that he set up to grant instant warrants for fabricated and tenuous reasons, and moving directly to wiretap and spy on whoever checks out the wrong library books. Bush says it's not illegal, but the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 seems to be pretty clear that some kind of secret court has to approve any electronic surveillance of U.S. citizens, specifically if they are accused of terrorism. The only exceptions allowed are if the Attorney General can certify that only foreign citizens are going to be searched. I always thought the Constitution made it rather obvious that searches and seizures could only be carried out with impartial magisterial approval. Do you really want to claim that a wiretap is not a search that the Fourth Amendment regulates? Good luck with that.

No wonder Bolivia is electing indigenous anti-US socialists. Wait...keep it up, Bush!

Target.com on being helpful with last minute Christmas shopping:
DVDs brought to you by Amazon.com: No items match 'apron.' These results are for 'porn'
Ah, the Manson Family Movies: the gift that keeps on giving.

Think of all the things we put him through.
In the face of his God would he tell the truth?

The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage

December 12th, 2005

So I've been sick for a week now. For three days, I couldn't talk without my voice breaking into some kind of raspy neo-pubertal falsetto. Does this mean that I wuss out and take some over-the-counter placebo or go see a doctor? That's not how we roll. I'm not bleeding. I'm not in any danger of losing a limb. The infection just makes me stronger. Mr. T spinning a croc by the tailWould Mr. T have been able to find the missing medallions or stopped the all-too-common threat of mind thievery if he had to run to the doctor, police, or other agents of the Man when times looked tough? Not a chance. T steps to adversity and shows it its proper crocodilian place. The illness has, however, thrown off my sleep schedule, which makes finals all the more excting. Couple that with the unfortunate distress of a generous group of local automobiles, and you get the kind of character building that only Calvin's dad could prescribe.

I just tore a hole in my sock. Non-sequiturs make me eat lampshades.

The single biggest reason I stay with Sprint is because they extended to me a line of cellular credit when no others would. Sprint is cell phone service for poor people. This is borne out by the availability of free content uploaders in various places around the net. Now, I know that Oklahoma City is a one million person small town, but I always thought the Internet was bigger than that.

But it wouldn't be make-believe if you believed in me.

No sleep 'til Brooklyn

December 1st, 2005

December is here! Barring a scorpionesque strike from the now-just-a-memory month of drama in these first couple of days, we should have smooth sailing for about 3 months.

In preparation for finals, I have modified my sleeping habits a bit. I now take two 3-hour naps: one in the early-to-mid evening, and one again just before work. So far, the results have been positive for school, though I miss many of the calls to come hang out in what is for the college aged crowd the middle parts of the day. My apologies to any who feel like I am shirking them. I promise I'll reappear sometime after the 12th, if not before.

I need a house, a bunch of lights, some solid state relays, and a bunch of time on my hands. Then maybe I could be awesome.

Just as a statement in the FOSS v MS battles, Windows Media Player on my laptop will occasionally just not play the ending 30 seconds of certain WMV videos. The audio will go on, but the picture will freeze. This happens intermittently, and with several different videos. Xine, on the other hand, has never done such a thing, even with a non-native format like WMV. It also has manual controls that I can use to change the audio/video offset, which is useful for poorly ripped episodes of The West Wing, and for speakers that are mounted on distant walls, where there is a noticeable delay between the vibration and the sound hitting you.

And then he came down with his belly of jello.
He says, 'where the ladies at cuz I'm a real jolly fellow.'

525,600 is only applicable in non-leap years

November 29th, 2005

Come December 6th, it's on.

I got to see Rent with Jennie this week. I was really impressed. With the possible exception of some really weird backdrops in what was supposed to be Santa Fe, and a lack of homeless dancers, it was an all-around good time. The box office is looking more and more enticing this season. I might actually go to more than one movie in this three-month span. Aeon Flux is in a gorgeous and tantalizingly bizarre world. Rent, Walk the Line, Narnia, and the new Harry Potter movie are all on my list too. I'm not as wholly absorbed into the mythos and love lives of Weasleys at large as some people, but then, they're not as tied in to Middle-Earth as I am either.

November is almost over. The dramae continues, and the new anger mixes with old smoldering rage. December will have a lot to heal.

According to papers that we won't see for another however-many years, Bush wants to blow just about everyone up. I'm not going to contend that Al-Jazeera is an unbiased form of journalism, but that can't possibly be justification to kill them. Should the 700 Club be as concerned? Should the World Socialist Website?

After fixing a laptop for an old-connected friend, I got myself a big scoop of X-masy goodness in the form of more Christmas music to complement Nathan's anti-Christmas album. There's nothing that quite expresses the joy of the season like Run-DMC making rhymes with the word "nog." In a more heart-growing-three-sizes sense, though, Leila, Patrick, and I curled up to have the first Grinching of the season. I later gave myself the first Charlie Browning of same. Does it speak poorly to my sense of adulthood that I still get a little misty-eyed every time Linus takes the stage?

Got a computer off of eBay to replace the one from earlier this month that had a sad IDE controller. Along with that, I upped the amount of RAM that server prime has all the way to 320MB. Historically, it takes about a day for it to settle into its new configuration before I see any performance improvements.

Fun for all that children call their favorite time of year.

Roy Orbison was not in fact blind

November 23rd, 2005

Thanksgetting is ongoing this week, and the festivities started with a pot-luck down in Norman-town. Everyone's food was really good, especially the turkey, the squash, and the cheesecake. A new interesting taste was had in Keers's spoonbread, a tasty mix of corn and cornbread. My contribution of alfredo casserole and pesto tortellini was happily gobbled up, though the Cornish hen wasn't ready until most people were full. I was afraid that my hens were not going to marinate properly, and would end up half-frozen and icky. Luckily, 3 little birds at 400ºF for 45 minutes are pretty good, especially with the sauce. Little old Thelma Allen sure knows her stuff.

Cats are made of static electricity and claws.

This week's odd dream involved me helping an old farmer push his white 1972 Cadillac car up a hill. The seeming difficulty was lessened substantially by the simple fact that I was wearing rocket-powered roller skates. Suddenly, an instant messaging window from Patrick popped up in the air to my right and "Blister in the Sun" started playing. I typed back and forth to the boy about the melodious poetic stylings of some French poem he made me read vis-á-vis the song playing in the air. I woke up about 2 minutes later to find that I had missed a call from Patrick. That explained the Blister in the Sun invasion, as that's his ringtone. Having ambient noise work its way into my dreams happens quite a bit. The first I noticed it was when I was sleeping in Algebra 2, and the intercom system in the basement where I was being a secret agent that day kept explaining sine. It was very confusing and quite distracting from job at hand.

Cranberry sauce, green beans, and muffins,
You be the turkey and I'm the stuffin'