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Comment from: doug [Visitor]

red/white game is saturday @ 1pm. i'm going with my wife, sister, and brother in law. if you want to come it'll be a 10 spot at the door. it might be fun to get a large group of people to go. i'd like to walk from my house (about a 30-40 min hike) and then stop by campus corner on the way back. if none of that is in the plans for you, then we'll have to hang some other time this weekend.

and a little breakdown of football so far...

looks like we're gonna have to replace our only good wide out, our only consistent tb, our star defensive player mlb, almost all of our dbs, and our only player with a really great name (i miss joe... john already).

o line is in tact and qb should be just as good if not better next year, we just have to change the offense to throw to the gresham instead of kelly, then find a suitable rb. defense... well it couldn't get any worse than last year.

as far as the spring game, 1/5 of the team seems to be hurt and that includes all but two rbs. we'll get to see alot of 17 (madu) and the true freshman johnson that enrolled in spring. the all world recruit that we got won't be here till summer, so i bet he redshirts. my guess is that the defense will completely shut down the running game and wilson will flip a switch and let bradford pick them apart.

04/11/08, a Friday @ 13:29
Comment from: doug [Visitor]
time to break down the red/white game,

red (1st team offense and 2nd team defense) won by a landslide. white (2nd team offense and 1st team defense) was definitely let down by the fact that the 2nd team offense laid an egg and no qbs
had a scoring drive except for bradford. so, 1st team offense is the best unit we have followed by our 1st team defense then close beind them is the 2nd team defense and way in the back of the bus is the 2nd team offense, which spells out a few things to me. we have overall very good to great defense (5 to 6 picks on the day and several sacks from both units) and if we can keep our starters on offense healthy, then we can't be stopped. so if we can find a few more guys to step up on offense (like maybe getting our best two rbs healthy) then we should be fine till we can figure out how to key the offense around gresham (the only offensive player to catch a touchdown pass).

04/13/08, a Sunday @ 02:01
Comment from: amy [Visitor]
Heart you & miss you. Hope all is well!

04/13/08, a Sunday @ 22:47
Comment from: effika [Visitor] · http://www.effika.net/blog/
I thought that was me for a second but then I remembered I rarely use my given name online. Whew. (I've enjoyed the Library a bit too much lately and then come right home and check my RSS feeds. I've already left at least one odd comment that I'd forgotten about by morning.)
04/20/08, a Sunday @ 20:55
Comment from: doug [Visitor]

ya, we're there again. tell me something interesting about your life or possibly cbrodt's life since he's moving to jacksonville fla. (or something like that). you have fans billy, and they are waiting.

also, went to see ijiv last night and yukiko and i give it a 7 out of a possible 10. 10 being blown away and completely overachieving our expectations, 1 being a complete disappointment, e^i(pi) + 1 being "death bed: the bed that eats people", and -10 being "ernest goes to africa". so, not bad overall, but we both preferred the other indy's.

also, our experience at the warren theater was very very bad. really expensive, the service is slow, and they get the food wrong. if you really want to go see a movie in the balcony (great view but everything else sucked), definitely eat before you go and tell them you don't want to be disturbed during the movie.

05/28/08, a Wednesday @ 09:00
Comment from: doug [Visitor]
thats better

billy, can't you do something about the spammers on teh internets? maybe send some sort of worm of your own out that makes people's computers do random acts of kindness to everyone instead of infecting normal computers with some sort of zombie virus? i think that would be lovely. there would be hackers, crackers and RACers.

and post something. please.

06/30/08, a Monday @ 07:39

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