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Comment from: Amy [Visitor]
aren't you glad we went to dos gabachos?
01/29/08, a Tuesday @ 23:24
Comment from: mike [Visitor]
to continue our thread from earlier:
Many "progressive" legal academics are still writing articles for the Warren Court and those "liberal" federal courts. This raises a very difficult question about the current composition of the Supreme Court and other federal courts.
I think it is important that we not jump to conclusions too hastily. It does seem, however, at least as a preliminary hypothesis, that some evidence suggests that the Warren Court is no longer sitting. Moreover, it appears that there may have been somewhat of a change in the composition of the federal courts in what might be called a right wing direction. If this were true--and I advance this claim only hypothetically--then it could be argued that addressing the federal courts to achieve "liberal" or "progressive" ends might no longer be as effective as it once was. But clearly, it's too soon to jump to such conclusions.
Howard Zinn's fond outlook on the warren court to the rescue!
02/04/08, a Monday @ 23:57
Comment from: doug [Visitor]
wtf is up with godaddy?

a;ljdf;askdf;jkasdfjkl;asfd ajkl;sdf jkl;asd asdf

_,|,, godaddy... _,|,,

why am i unable to post sometimes?

these things need to be resolved before i give myself an ulcer.

02/20/08, a Wednesday @ 21:37
Comment from: Jennie [Visitor]
dude... are you ever going to write the new blog to declare our BFF status? yeah, you should hurry with that...
02/21/08, a Thursday @ 19:48
Comment from: doug [Visitor]
first there was serverprime, then along came gamerprime...

i now introduce playerprime to teh internets.

i had a few ideas of names and some seemed better than others, but right before i hit the next button to name it something else playerprime hit me. i also thought about player(2)prime, but that would have been a little too on the nose.

ok, its time to get to bed. updates and other such nonsense can wait till another day (and that day better damn well be friday at the latest).

02/28/08, a Thursday @ 01:12

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