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Comment from: doug [Visitor]

damn it feels good to be home.

01/17/08, a Thursday @ 10:06
Comment from: doug [Visitor]

there was something always nagging at me when thinking about the insanity of huckabee's plan to ruin the economy. i think that if he tacked on a wealth cap to this "fairtax" then i might actually think that this could work. does the fairtax ever do anything about large amounts of money that will never be spent?

there must be a number out there that is in between what bill gates owns and what i myself own that 95% of people can agree is more than enough money for any one person to control freely.

01/21/08, a Monday @ 15:07
Comment from: doug [Visitor]
today i would personally like to spearhead a movement to drive to dallas every other weekend. not only do i loath the entire state, but i have a personal hatred of that godforsaken city. that being said, i'm down with buying gas and driving every time. who's with me?


maybe we can help me create some much needed happy memories in texas.
01/28/08, a Monday @ 09:09

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