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Comment from: doug [Visitor]

don't get me wrong. i like winter, even cold weather in general, hell i like snowstorms. but there is nothing good about ice storms. especially when they knock out the power in your house and your house happens to get heated via electricity. i wake up this morning, i'm cold, i look over at my alarm clock, its off, i get a bad feeling about how today is gonna go. i'm also still sick from friday. billy hates november, well i hate december. the best part of new years eve is that december is almost over.

12/10/07, a Monday @ 10:57
Comment from: doug [Visitor]
we are nomads


we do not "walk the earth"

we are not "cane"

we're just bums

the first two nights staying at billy's house was lots of fun, and i'm sure that if we had no power for the next week he (and cbrodt) would continue to invite us to stay with them, but i fear that as of this morning our welcome has started to wear.

there is no place for us in the world.

yesterday we spent 4 hours at borders and i felt (ever so slightly) guilty for charging my ds while people were writing research papers. but screw them. i NEED my ds. they don't NEED to write jack, if they NEEDed to write these papers, then they should have written them this weekend. well, after an hour or so of me holding on to my free power source out of spite, we left.

i just want to go home and sit in my comfy chair and irritate my cats while being warm at the same time. is that so much to ask?

12/12/07, a Wednesday @ 09:16
Comment from: doug [Visitor]
3 and a half days.

86 hours.

5160 minutes.

309600 seconds.

as much as i feel that i have gotten the short end of the stick, (since 2/3 of oklahoma got their power back before we did) i watched the news last night and felt guilty. there is some town 40 minutes north of okc that won't get power for 8 to 10 more days. the entire damn town. they might only have 600 people, but thats still really bad. and i figure there are probably 100 towns in the same predicament in oklahoma alone.

so, if you have power be thankful. and please, don't power up your christmas lights until after this weather is over. i can't politely explain how irritating it is to have a cold house when the people two houses down have an animatronic santa waving at you. they might as well have put a gigantic middle finger made of lights on their roof.

12/14/07, a Friday @ 09:21
Comment from: doug [Visitor]

i got my one wish for christmas. MATT'S HOME! if he hasn't called you yet, he will. he had a heck of a day yesterday. so be patient and the christmas cheer will come to you in good time.

now the dread is setting in. i know it sounds like a dream to get to fly to an island southwest of japan in the middle of winter, but it is always hard for the husband to meet the in-laws for the first time. especially if they don't speak english. well, that might make it a bit easier, but it still will be kinda stressful. i just wonder how much they will want to bust my balls before they accept that i'm not going anywhere? i'm definitely gonna get my ass kicked by a 70+ year old man before we come home.

on top of that, mom's coming. so, when we start week #3 i will be in full on stressed out mode. 5 bucks says i make an ass out of myself. i just can't describe how nervous i am for this trip and how important it is for everything to go well.

we might be able to get to a computer with internet access and the ability to type in english, so i will try my best to post a couple of times while i'm there.

12/24/07, a Monday @ 10:11

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