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Comment from: Kim [Visitor]
Call me tomorrow when you're through. We can talk about #3 all you like, but for now, you should know you have absolutely no reason to feel guilty.

PS: I miss you.
11/03/07, a Saturday @ 00:24
Comment from: effika [Visitor] · http://www.effika.net/blog/
I got sick last week, right after I stood in the elements for 9hrs at the drive-through flu clinic. It was not the flu, but a sore throat. It only lasted a few days, luckily. There is definitely a plague making its rounds.

And my kitty is near-100% now. She's less of a stationary lump now, and more of a lump that moves to a new location every 2 hours.
11/03/07, a Saturday @ 10:25
Comment from: doug [Visitor]
this is not actually bil1337 but it is his computer.

right now i am watching the game with you and you are looking over at me while i type. i can't really describe how strange this is, but the strangeness is rather enjoyable.

oh lord he is so very ugly and i can't describe how happy that makes me. no, NO, stop showing the ugly cheerleader. bullshit, there was no holding but there was definitely some pass interferecne on that last play. oh well, so goes the game.

i'm glad to hear that #3 is working itsself out. someday i will force you to go on vacation for the entirety of november, and then you will be able to shake this bad trend.


p.s. i like this lappy, the little red button in between B, G, and H makes me happy and is much much better than the new fangled touchpad.
11/03/07, a Saturday @ 21:10
On a random, Jo Russel told me that if I ever needed a fine upstanding young man to come judge for me and Edmond North that you would be such a man.

Compliment or stange feeling?

Or Both?

Or insulting?


It must be the time or year, or the weather, or some external force that places me in the same strange position...
11/04/07, a Sunday @ 12:07
You know what might cure what ails you?


You wanna some time this week? I've got a new house, some hot chocolate w/ marshmallows and a TV controlled by a light switch...

Call/e-mail/gchat/text message/facebook message me if you're interested. =)
11/05/07, a Monday @ 11:50
Comment from: destroyer of worlds [Visitor]
to say that i "smoked" him would be a minor overstatement, but he was (sadly) no match. getting started it was tough going, but once i got rolling it was over. i think that they should give him 10,000,000 hp.

i'm going to face ruby tonight, then sit my characters right in front of sephiroth. i shall await matt's return so we can finish this.


wtf is an "earth harp" anyways...
11/20/07, a Tuesday @ 08:19
Comment from: doug [Visitor]
its about that time again...
11/27/07, a Tuesday @ 13:06
Comment from: doug [Visitor]
12/03/07, a Monday @ 13:37
Comment from: Ben F [Visitor]
Thought I'd take a look at the site. Reads like you were in a "weakened condition" but are probably doing better by now... either that or you're pushin' daisies…

Send me an email and let me know how it’s going.

12/04/07, a Tuesday @ 14:44
Comment from: doug [Visitor]
i really need one of those tussin cocktails.
12/07/07, a Friday @ 09:54

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