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Comment from: effika [Visitor] · http://www.effika.net/blog/
That Tussin Cocktails sounds hideous, but probably not as hideous as off-brand Nyquil. And who doesn't love an excuse for some grenadine? I'm filing this away with my cookie recipes for the Great Sickening.

PS, flu shots starting soon. If anybody wants it, I'll call you during generals after the vans of old people are done and it's slow (sans elderly rush waiting time, the whole process takes under a minute). That's my "going the extra mile" for service here at the health department. I'm working the one in Norman on November 1st. There's also one in Moore on October 25th but I'm not working at that one for reasons that are unknown to me.
10/15/07, a Monday @ 17:25
Comment from: Kim [Visitor] · http://xanga.com/grrshhnguyen
Oh, this is too exciting for words. Almost like Christmas - see how you've trained us (me) to anticipate your updates? Hey Billy, only 70 days left to go!
10/15/07, a Monday @ 18:21
Comment from: Gumby [Visitor]
You *ARE* alive! You should stay that way for at bare minimum 3 more months. You should also post more, so those of us in the rapidly chilling desert know these things.
10/18/07, a Thursday @ 10:28
Comment from: doug [Visitor]
my goodness, the rumors were true...

we had a lot of fun at oktoberfest with you and "dr. kim." i will always think of her as "kim from up the street" but that wouldn't make sense to any of you.

anyone know any good plumbers?

10/22/07, a Monday @ 08:01
Comment from: doug [Visitor]
i haven't done one of these cloggy ones in a while, so i figured it was about time.

this is my favorite time of year. i love halloween, thanksgiving (my absolute favorite holliday) is just around the corner, there is a festival which requires either drinking beer, dressing up, or just going to a fair (another of my favs) every week, i get to put on fall/winter clothes which have always looked better on me, and right now is smack dab in the middle of the holiest of the three seasons in "our" religion.

speaking of halloween, anyone wanna go see rocky horror picture show on wednesday at 10pm? the sooner theater is putting on the show for halloween and tickets are only $8. they also have these prop bags for $5. i'm not sure whats inside them, but i would bet that it would be worth the 5 bucks to find out. yukiko and i are gonna go, so give me a call today or tomorrow and i will make reservations for tickets. the lady told me there will be a big turnout so we probably won't be able to get in if we don't get tickets in advance.

10/29/07, a Monday @ 08:30
Comment from: mike [Visitor]
Dude. A giant tv...(?)
10/29/07, a Monday @ 11:54
Comment from: Kim from down I-44 [Visitor] · http://xanga.com/grrshhnguyen
Doug - I would SO love to go, particularly since I've never been to Rocky Horror Picture Show, but I'm stuck here in Tulsa for the week.

BUT! I get Statehood Day off (16th) and five days for Thanksgiving off. We should definitely do something then. Maybe watch Nightmare Before Christmas - or even hold a "Movies I Should Have Seen By Now, But Haven't" Film Festival.
10/29/07, a Monday @ 20:25
Comment from: Denise [Visitor]
Tomorrow, dear sir, is November 1st. Please dress extra warm and pack some extra food...you never know how the month will start. ;) Miss you.
10/31/07, a Wednesday @ 10:52

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