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Comment from: Virginia [Visitor]
Hi Billy, Woody told me you guys had lunch together and basically told me to say hi. Anyway, I poked you at Facebook. Just thought I say hi. Virginia
08/03/07, a Friday @ 06:16
Comment from: doug [Visitor]
stone lion inn
1016 w warner ave
guthrie, ok 73044
(405) 282-0012

friday august 24th

these are things that you may need to know...
08/14/07, a Tuesday @ 13:13
Comment from: doug [Visitor]
check out what i have done



because of my post, they created this drinking game. and if you doubt that it was me, then read the posts on the two blog spots and try and think of any other "doug" that would type such things. i'm pretty sure "he" uses only lower case but still clings to punctuation.
08/15/07, a Wednesday @ 10:23
Comment from: K [Visitor]
I think Doug really needs a corner of his own, as he comments here more frequently than you post entries. Alternatively, you could simply write more often.

PS: You're awesome.
08/15/07, a Wednesday @ 20:57
Comment from: doug [Visitor]
i think that more goes into the thought process for billy to actually give me a corner than my ability to pump out volumes of text at will. i have a feeling that he would give me a corner if i would type things that are interesting to people other than myself. so, if you would like me to get my own corner, you should help me become more interesting or start posting interesting things in my name. i figure i'm really really easy to mimic.

one plus (or minus) that billy may not have thought of is the fact that i post on a few other bloggy type websites and would use "www.billylieurance.net" in that slot for my "site/url:" i'm sure that i could definitely increase the amount of hits that his site recieves in a matter of days.

08/16/07, a Thursday @ 16:26
Comment from: Katy [Visitor]
Has Doug considered getting his own blog instead of clogging the comments sections of others? Or maybe clogging is what he does best?

"How soon is now?" is now stuck in my head:
I am Human and I need to be loved
Just like everybody else does

08/19/07, a Sunday @ 12:47
Comment from: doug [Visitor]
oh, i consider lots of things. getting my own blog would be fun and all, but i'm sure that no one would read it. also, billy's blog has become more of a public forum that a few of "us" use, and sometimes this is the best way for me to communicate with certain individuals.

which "katy" is this by the way? is it the one that happens to be my sister and gives me a hard time whenever possible, or is it someone who doesn't actually matter?

good thing is, i don't have any wooden shoes therefore i can't clog anything.

08/20/07, a Monday @ 08:10
Comment from: doug [Visitor]
a post would be nice right about now...
08/27/07, a Monday @ 13:50
I concur.
08/27/07, a Monday @ 14:29
Comment from: doug [Visitor]
you know, i can't really complain that you haven't posted in almost a month since cbrodt hasn't posted in almost 2 months. and half the time his crappy weblog doesn't even work. how is it that your internet works better than his? do you use cat-6 to his lameass cat-5. or does he somehow connect through his joystick port? i've got it, he probably connects through a mid 80s printer that he converted to a modem via his lpt1 port. enough bashing on cbrodt... if he isn't here to fight with me, then it isn't as much fun. and why the hell have you both stopped answering your phone or returning phone calls? if i can't reach either of you, then whats the plan for tomorrow? patty and i are wondering when/where/how to get drunk. ok, so you have lots to work on before kickoff. get to it both of you.


... i wish matt was here (not a quote, i just wish he was here)
08/31/07, a Friday @ 13:07
Comment from: doug [Visitor]
since you won't, i guess i'll have to...

we had a very solid first game bbq at my place on saturday. ou dominated unt like we all figured they would... and then some. ostate lost to georgia like we all figured they would. if you didn't come, you missed out on probably the best steak marinade you'll ever have. i also don't plan on eating any more beef for a long while (last time i grilled steaks was when ohio beat miami in the national 2003 fiesta bowl), so if you want me to cater a party for you then you'll have to be really really nice to me (or pay me).

if any of you are shocked or flabbergasted at the thought of me eating meat... you shouldn't be. i eat tuna >/=4 times a week. and if you know me then you know the reason why i have the diet that i do. if you are unsure... i will use the short explanation (for the long one you'll have to come over to my place and bring a six-pack).

we use land to grow food for people and cows/pigs/chicken. if we stopped growing food for cows/pigs/chicken we could grow more food for people than all of the food that we grow now. everyone knows that we pay farmers to not grow food, but that doesn't even matter. if we just stopped feeding cows we would be able to feed the entire world. you and i are no more important than anyone else. the focus should shift from making money to everyone eating.

but i'm a crazy hippie, so my opinion doesn't really matter. and from time to time i do enjoy having a steak (birds are still gross though *shudder*)


trust me, you don't want the long explanation.
09/03/07, a Monday @ 21:58
Comment from: doug [Visitor]
i'm thinking about taking bets on whether billy will post before or after my birthday.
09/14/07, a Friday @ 08:18
Comment from: doug [Visitor]
now taking bets. the over/under date on which billy will post is sept 30.
09/18/07, a Tuesday @ 12:51
Comment from: doug [Visitor]
yesterday i broke the 1 million gil mark (and i'm only halfway through disc 2, right after you get the huge materia from the corel reactor but before you get the huge materia from the junon reactor). this weekend my dark work will begin. pray for me in my time of need.


i hate them so very very much.
09/25/07, a Tuesday @ 10:06
Seriously? Seriously. It's October now. Write something new.
10/02/07, a Tuesday @ 12:05
Comment from: Denise [Visitor]
I miss the blog updates almost as much as I miss you. Well, that's a lie. But still.
10/03/07, a Wednesday @ 15:44
Comment from: doug [Visitor]


on the first try no less :)

10/05/07, a Friday @ 08:38

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