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Comment from: doug [Visitor]
holy shit, you posted twice and i didn't even notice!
07/16/07, a Monday @ 08:23
Comment from: K [Visitor]
Why isn't your RSS feed thingie working? Am I going to have to visit this site every day now?
07/17/07, a Tuesday @ 21:29
Multiple posts in one month warm my heart.

So do glitter pens.
07/18/07, a Wednesday @ 11:27
Comment from: doug [Visitor]
"what's your name?"

"joe... john..."

"you're name's joe-john?"

and i wish a happy media day to you all (in my religion this would be similar to a bake sale that the pope decrees that all catholics are to observe and participate).
07/23/07, a Monday @ 14:34
Comment from: doug [Visitor]
i beat sf2 turbo with 10 stars the night before last in my living room. this new house is officially my home.
07/25/07, a Wednesday @ 08:17
Comment from: Keeron [Visitor]
Father, I have sinned. Not only have I bought windows vista, I like it as well.

Next mission is to buy a second hard drive and run a setup with linux as well, to half-assedly attempt to redeem myself. Thinking uBuntu. Thoughts?

Chris and a girl? Is that even possible? I thought god added something against that in the laws of physics just to be an ass.

Madness, Billy. It's all gone mad.

On the plus side, my SuperSoldier level has increased, and I am apparently immune to athrax, hep A, and hep C, at no cost to myself. In addition to the small pox I already got at level 5.

Give my love to the kids, and if you could, mail me a keyboard with a working "V" key that doesn't have to be pushed 80 times.

Peace Be Upon You,

Matt / Gumby
07/25/07, a Wednesday @ 11:54
Comment from: Keeron [Visitor]
Also anthrax
07/25/07, a Wednesday @ 12:01
Comment from: Micheal [Visitor]
I'm starting a club:
"Ubuntu is too easy, lets play with gentoo."
-.- I'm lookin at you cBrodt.
07/27/07, a Friday @ 02:42
Comment from: doug [Visitor]
i own two cats now.

1 orange male and 1 grey female.

i have also picked names...

the orange one is nanaki (which can mean several things in japanese such as nana-ki = "seven hope" or na-naki = "flower cry"), and the grey one is janus. those of you who know me will know why they are named as such. my next thoughts are if it is legal to tattoo animals and how hard would it be to train one to levitate. if anyone can help me with that it would be great.
07/28/07, a Saturday @ 19:29
Comment from: doug [Visitor]
quick billy!

if you post today, then you'll have 4 posts in 1 month!
07/31/07, a Tuesday @ 13:29

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