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After reading this, for some reason (that I know and that perhaps you can figure out), I feel it is apropos reference your post from 5-4-06 and once again comment on the insanity of Life's Circularity.

Damn those circles.

They just keep going and going and going...
07/09/07, a Monday @ 16:46
Comment from: K [Visitor] · http://xanga.com/grrshhnguyen
"All the cool kids are posting on Billy's blog," says Doug. And yet he hasn't posted on this latest entry. Douglas?
07/12/07, a Thursday @ 19:14
Comment from: doug [Visitor]
i have been having issues with posting and am currently having these issues.
07/13/07, a Friday @ 08:44
Comment from: cbrodt [Visitor] · http://www.uberbrodt.com
The house has made it through my caretaking for the week. Casualties:

1. The cat knocked over one of the chess pieces and it broke; but we can rebuild him faster, stronger, etc.

2. I need to do another load of dishes.

3. I forgot to take out the trash on Sunday. Not a big deal because the trash can isn't even full. In fact, I probably conserved some amount of the energy required to keep the universe from collapsing into entropy by not putting the trash out. Think about it. It's big.

4. There are some graham cracker crumbs in the living room. I'll explain that later, but I did clean up the chocolate already.
07/13/07, a Friday @ 09:50

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