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Comment from: doug [Visitor]
fuck boisie state

fuck play offs

i want monday's performance to be the best they ever get. it would make me happy for them to NEVER ever get a chance at a national championship.

if OU beats everyone on their schedule, then they go to the national championship.

i'd rather that there be controversy between 5 or 6 schools from GOOD conferences, than let ANY team from a WORTHLESS conference have a shot.

i have 2 final points to make

1. they wouldn't have gone undefeated in any conference that matters.

2. i hope OU schedules them at home for the first game of next season and imbarrases them so badly that their program won't be able to EVER recover... something like the 77-0 they did to atm a few years ago.

01/03/07, a Wednesday @ 08:27
Comment from: Gumby [Visitor]

By the way, I was struggling to remember the name of OU's defensive coach at lunch, but then I realized that it doesn't matter.

I hereby revoke the name priveleges of the OU defensive coordinator until such time as he redeamed himself. It shall hereforth be refered to as unit "2", for the number of games it lost us this year.

I base my authority to do this on the loaded M16A2 Assault Rifle sitting next to me. Please direct all arguements to her.

On a lighter note, I like resolution 2 comrade Billy. I also like this "Doug's corner" idea; just make sure it has a feedback options so I can goad P23570 on whenever there is a fire that needs fuel.

Give my love to the kids,

01/03/07, a Wednesday @ 12:04

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