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Comment from: Gumby [Visitor]
Because good children do what Mr. Rogers tells them to. Every. Single. Time.

10/20/06, a Friday @ 10:12
Comment from: effika [Visitor] · http://www.effika.net/blog/
I loved watching the senator turn from ascerbic to gentle as Mister Rogers spoke. When Mister Rodgers speaks, it's hard not to listen to him and soak up some of that good he exudes.
10/20/06, a Friday @ 16:19
Comment from: doug [Visitor]
i think we should make a trek up to wherever his grave is and pay our respects. i feel so lucky to have been able to watch him as a child, and this world is a much darker place without the light of his grace to lead us.

on a lighter note:

hello chillunz & billy,

plan for saturday is the same. 11:00 kickoff and its at mizzou so if we want a good view of the bigscreen(s) "we" should be there early. call myself or reverend billy if you would like a spot reserved so i know how many tables we need get. last week and the week before were (understandibly) lame outtings, but this week's game should be a really close one and will define the rest of our season.

come, get screwed up, have fun.


"who's house... run's house... i say, who's house..."
10/27/06, a Friday @ 14:41
Comment from: Gumby [Visitor]
So, you know-

I flew into KIA airport on Friday the 13th. We spent a bit of time in Kuwait, and our first full day in country was Nov. 1st.

Is God trying to tell me something? If only Mr. Rogers were here to confirm or deny...


11/01/06, a Wednesday @ 11:37
Comment from: doug [Visitor]
billy, u me and a pitcher (or two) saturday evening a around 6 ish? be there or be square.
11/08/06, a Wednesday @ 08:19

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