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Billy, you are one of my most favorite people!
06/11/06, a Sunday @ 00:08
Comment from: doug [Visitor]
pee wee's playhouse is coming to adult swim. i have longed for the king of cartoons and connecting the dots for a very very long time. damn you paul reuben! why did you have to get caught?!

will anyone else sing along with me?

...... la, la, la-la.

06/12/06, a Monday @ 08:31
There's a book, it's called "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised," it comes to largely the same conclusion. It's worth reading...
06/19/06, a Monday @ 21:24
Comment from: mike [Visitor]
more reasons not to buy a dell...

06/21/06, a Wednesday @ 12:33
Comment from: Duh-nise [Visitor]
OMG has it been 2 full weeks since Billy's last update? What is the world coming to? ;)

06/23/06, a Friday @ 13:12
Comment from: mike [Visitor]
This is The Guy
Kevin Martin
Chairman, Federal Communications Commission
Why He Matters: Is the FCC chief more powerful than the boss of AT&T? For the sake of appearances, we'll say yes -- but the reality is, well, murky. A former telecom lawyer, Martin was appointed to the FCC by President Bush in 2001 and assumed the chairmanship last year. He's since declined to investigate disclosures that America's major phone companies shared millions of customer call records with the NSA. His office will also play a key role in deciding the fate of Net neutrality: Will the FCC allow telecom companies like AT&T to charge companies like Google and Yahoo extra for carrying high-bandwidth content over their networks? Martin says he supports the right of operators to differentiate traffic. In other words, he's shaping up to be the kind of regulator a telecom exec can learn to love.
06/27/06, a Tuesday @ 10:59

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