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Comment from: Jennie [Visitor]
REM sleep cycle's generally take 4 hours to achieve. You might think about modifying your sleeping schedule, homie.
12/03/05, a Saturday @ 19:04
Comment from: Neisy [Visitor]
It's December. We're 5 days into December. Oh December, how I love thee. Though December has yet to sweep up all the pieces from the broken month that was November, I believe we're well on our way. In fact, I think we should celebrate the December-ness of it again, tonight. You + me + dinner + DECEMBER = Awesome. :)

Call me.

12/05/05, a Monday @ 15:50
I hope you feel better soon! It's snowing!!!
12/07/05, a Wednesday @ 15:21
Comment from: mike [Visitor]
brooklyn, WHAT? the hollywood video next to my house has, get this, all of the first, second, and THIRD seasons of BOTH the X-Files and The West Wing. if i had found this out at the beginning of my tenure in new york, i think heather would have killed me around the middle of week one. but as i have a job in NJ ( a two-and-a-half-hour-one-way commute for those of you asking) i can only devote appx 8 hours of my day to these wonderful, wonderful additions to that terrible, terrible invention called television. (and on this invention they show shows right?)

ezekiel 25:17
12/09/05, a Friday @ 17:23

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